Patient care

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Continuous care and company

We are personally committed to improving the care of oncology patients. We are convinced that personalized care and support are an indispensable part of any competent oncology treatment. That is why we will be here for you not only throughout the entire course of your treatment, but also after it is completed, providing reliable follow-up and long-term care. Through regular communication, we can tailor your treatment to your individual needs and respond to new circumstances. The overall view of your disease is always at the forefront.

The long-term success of the therapy depends to a large extent on structured post-care. The aim of regular follow-up examinations is to detect a possible relapse of the disease at an early stage after completion of the initial treatment and medical rehabilitation, to treat complaints or persistent side effects of the therapy and thus to improve your quality of life in the long term. Assessing your quality of life plays a central role in follow-up examinations. It is therefore important that you receive the most comprehensive advice and treatment possible in a timely manner. We will develop an individualized follow-up plan based on your tumor type, stage, and treatment.

If necessary, our team will put you in touch with outside resources, such as cancer counseling centers, psycho-oncologists or self-help groups, nutritionists or exercise groups.

Patient care

Throughout your entire treatment, you will receive expert care from our medical team. You will have a dedicated contact person to address your concerns and coordinate your treatment. We take care of our patients in a professional, goal-oriented and compassionate manner. Our goal is to ensure that our patients feel that their needs are being met at all times and that the focus is on their individual therapy.

At the Center for Outpatient Oncology Tübingen you always have a contact person who helps you coordinate your course of therapy.


The Center for Outpatient Oncology Tübingen offers all important examinations for the cancer follow-up care.

The aim of cancer follow-up examinations is to detect relapses at an early stage. These can occur when cancer cells are still present in your body despite therapy. The goal of oncological follow-up is to detect and treat these relapses as early as possible.

Important post-care visits include

  • Discussing any remaining symptoms or side effects of treatment
  • Clinical examinations (e.g., skin, oral cavity, organ ultrasound)
  • Laboratory tests (such as blood and urine tests)
  • Management of imaging tests (ultrasound, CT, MRI, etc.)

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