Your center visit

Information for visiting us


We place value on short waiting times. Therefore, we ask that you make an appointment with us prior to your visit by calling 07071 5678 – 0 or by e-mail, and that you keep the appointment on time. If this is not possible, please let us know by phone.

What to bring along

  • Your health insurance card and a referral form
  • All documents, such as reports of previous medical check-ups and hospitalizations, results of radiological examinations, histological findings

  • Information about any medications you are taking

  • If you are already undergoing therapy: your therapy card or a therapy logbook

  • If necessary, a person you trust to accompany you, especially to the initial consultation

Make an appointment

We would like to keep in personal touch with you. We are always available to make appointments and answer questions during our office hours. Just give us a call.

Phone number: 07071 5678 – 0

If you prefer to contact us in writing, you can also send us an e-mail.  Please include a phone number where we can reach you.

Cancel an appointment

If you are unable to keep an appointment, please let us know or cancel your appointment. This will allow us to free up your appointment for other patients and reduce waiting times.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Phone number: 07071 5678 – 0

How to find us

Our center is at the corner of Waldhäuserstraße and Paul-Ehrlich-Straße in Tübingen. Free parking spaces for our center are available in the parking garage at the end of Paul-Ehrlich-Straße. There are also two parking lots for people with disabilities directly in front of the building.

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