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What to do if you experience therapy side effects

We strive to keep side effects as low as possible through our personalized treatment approach. We will inform you in detail about possible side effects in a consultation before starting therapy.

For mild side effects, there is often something you can do to alleviate them yourself

  • For mild nausea, avoid unpleasant odors and get fresh air
  • Eat something light
  • For severe nausea, increase the dose of your antinausea medication as arranged with us
  • Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water, tea, or diluted fruit juice
  • Eat constipating food, such as grated apples, mashed bananas, dark chocolate, and applesauce
  • Continue to take the medication prescribed by us as a preventative measure against diarrhea
  • If you feel dizzy, sit or rather lie down
  • Elevate your legs
  • Make sure you drink plenty of fluids
  • Check blood pressure, if an appliance is available

Behavior in case of severe side effects

The occurrence of severe side effects during treatment is rare. However, here are some suggestions and recommendations for what to do if you experience a side effect that requires immediate medical attention.

  • Increasing difficulty in breathing (especially when at rest)

  • Severe pain that is not relieved by previously prescribed pain relievers

  • An increase in temperature of more than 38°C, with or without signs of a cold or infection

  • Severe nausea with or without vomiting more than twice a day, even though you have been taking your prescribed anti-nausea medication

  • Diarrhea more than 6 times a day, with or without lower abdominal cramps, even though you have been taking your prescribed anti-diarrhea medication

  • Unilateral pain in the arm or lower leg, with or without swelling

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, please contact us at our office phone or outside of office hours at the cell phone number provided. In urgent emergencies you can reach the following emergency medical services:

  • Ambulance / Medical emergency: 112
  • Pharmacy on duty: www.aponet.de

If you are treated by emergency services, please remember to show your treatment plan so that the doctors can provide appropriate treatment.

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